Terrorism – A Global Issue

Today I am writing about a very serious topic: terrorism. I chose to speak about this big topic because yesterday there was yet another attack and many, many people were affected.

Today we hear of new attacks, wars and bombings so frequently that they don’t seem to come as quite a shock anymore, especially if they are happening in a foreign country. This shouldn’t be the case though, because terrorism is a global problem and we as different countries/continents should be standing together to fight against it.

The thing about terrorism is that it doesn’t just affect the people in the area of attack, but also people across the globe. Yesterday the bomb in Brussels killed many people and some of those who survived were seriously injured. Relatives and friends of these people who live in other countries were badly affected by the news of the attack no doubt. This is why there is worry on a global scale at the moment.Bourse-Brussels-attacks-1024x680.jpg

Unfortunately, I happen to hear people speak a lot about how the only way to stop terrorism is to banish all immigrants and ‘illegals’. It seems that many people are of the opinion that all people who are of a certain race and follow a certain religion are terrorists. I strongly disagree with this because it is a false fact.

Terrorism has no religion and definitely no race.

thJII0SLB1.jpgIn fact, immigrants are people who are fleeing their countries due to war and terrorism. Most only realise that they must escape on the spur of the moment. In just those few crucial seconds, they must grab their children and whatever necessities they have next to them and make a run for it. They wouldn’t even have time to think. Then they escape their war-struck homes on small rafts and boats in the hope of a better life in another country. If they arrive to that new country safely, most of them are greeted by officials demanding some form of identification, and if they didn’t think of bringing it with them in that split second of escaping their houses when they were too busy gathering their families, they would simply be sent to detention centres and be frowned upon by people who call them ‘illegals’ and ‘terrorists’.

It is so important that people understand that terrorism has no religion or race and more importantly live by this fact, because as I said before terrorism is something that can only be overcome if we all stand together and fight it as one. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.



4 thoughts on “Terrorism – A Global Issue

  1. Thank you for saying it for the refugees. God bless you. Far too many people fail to understand that thousands of families are forced to leave their home, because staying on means a cruel death or, at best, a lifetime of being subjected to abuse and deprivation of all that makes for a decent way of life.

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