DIY Harlequin Bag

The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and what do you do?

You make a patchwork cross-body bag!

2016-06-22 11.35.382016-06-22 11.38.48.png









The instructions I am attaching below are from the sewing book Cath Kidston Patch!, so none of them are my own.


Here are all the things you require to make one:

2016-06-22 11.41.48.png


Note that the instructions do that include the cross-body strap. I made mine by plaiting three lengths of cord and measuring it to the length I wanted it.


2016-06-22 11.42.39

2016-06-22 11.44.182016-06-22 11.43.31





















IMPORTANT: Place either end of the strap on the inside of either side of the bag before step 12. Sew the lining inside the bag afterwards.










That’s all of the steps.

The finished bag is just the right size to carry a pair of sunglasses, a purse and mobile phone; making it a perfect item to have in summer!



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