Play around with Photography

Whether you use a mobile phone, DSLR or a digital camera; fun, creative photographs are not difficult to snap at all. I’ve gathered a few ideas and tricks I discovered from around the web and other fellow photography lovers.

  • Experiment with effects

An obvious one, but all the same a great one. My favorite effect has to be the pop art setting on my digital camera. It enhances the colour whilst still giving you a sharp photo.

2016-09-04 17.26.46.png

  •             .   Don’t always centre your subject in your frame

Sometimes a photo is more interesting if the subject is shifted slightly towards the side.

2016-09-04 17.27.29.png

Use the macro or super macro setting when shooting something small

Make sure to get as close as you possibly can to the subject so as to focus the lens properly. 2016-09-04 17.25.32

. Keep away from cliché photographs

These are the subjects everyone photographs at the exact same angle and distance. Try to be original. Take a sunflower, for instance: instead of snapping a shot of the whole flower, focus on its centre. 2016-09-04 17.26.05.png


. Take advantage of lighting

Turn of your auto flash setting when outside in daylight. If your camera has sunset or night time settings, try them out. These help to brighten the colours in your photo.

2016-09-04 17.27.09.png


. Keep an eye out for tiny, hidden details

An intricate design engraved on a door or perhaps a delicate spider web caressing a few drops of dew in the early morning – these are the sort of things you should look out for. 2016-09-04 17.24.50.png

. Take several shots of the same thing

Snap lots now, delete later.


If you are looking for similar photographs to the ones in this post for your own publications, you may wish to browse through this catalogue:


The Little Green Journal

(Photographs in this post are all my own)


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