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Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that I’ve changed my blog name from “The Little Green Journal” to “Meg’s Musings“. Please note that my domain name / URL will remain as it was originally, so all you have to do is search for “The Little Green Journal” as usual.

Now back to today’s topic: vinyl records.

This will be the first article I’m writing for the “Old but Gold” section on my blog.


 Vinyl Record (n.) : an analogue sound storage medium in the form of a flat polyvinyl chloride disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.

That’s the technical definition of ‘vinyl record’. Although they were used merely as storage devices (just as USB drives and SD cards are used today) till around the late ’80s, vinyl records are making a huge comeback and it’s no surprise why.

Until a couple of years ago, the joy of leafing through dozens upon dozens of record sleeves in a tiny record shop in search of the latest album was long forgotten, and in the case of the post-’80s generations (including my own), it was something completely alien. In fact, it was regarded as an odd kind of gimmick, because all we had to do in order to hear the most recent song was do a quick search on the Web, and imagesif we wanted to buy it, we’d just have to head onto an online music store for an instant download. We’d look upon our parents’ (and grandparents’) record collection as something utterly archaic. If we were asked if we knew how many grooves were inscribed in a record, we’d reply with either “it depends on the album” or “I don’t know; a hundred?”, and look surprised when we were told that there was always just one single groove inside the record, unless you counted the B side, which would mean you have another groove there.djrooms_audrey-hepburn-200x200

Times have changed, however, and it is now the record-user generation looking down at us (or up at us, in the case where we’re much taller than they are 🙂 ) when we eagerly search the Web in the hope of finding a vinyl record shop close by. We are now heading out to scavenge record shops for second-hand records and reprints of old albums (others are enjoying the feel of purchasing new albums – as in those of singers nowadays – recorded on vinyl, but I’m sticking with the oldies). Now, when our parents and grandparents are nostalgically going through their record collections, we burst into the room with a broad smile, record player in hand.

So why did vinyl records come back into fashion? Honestly, I think it’s a question one can easily answer. The real question is “how are they coming back?”. Well, for starters, old bands are reforming and other 20th century musicians (Paul McCartney andtumblr_mxq4q13wpp1r9v931o1_500 Jimmy Page, for example) are still performing and recording.

Besides having all the glorious things an old record player had, record players you buy today can be compatible with Bluetooth and others are in the form of brief cases, making them portable.

So I think I’ll just stop here and put on a record to listen to.



Bonus: Here is a type of record player we will definitely never find for sale (although it would be really cool to own one):


Hope you enjoyed that little blast from the past!





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