// Putting Pen to Paper //

And I’m back!

Firstly I think I should start by explaining why I’ve been away so long. In short, these past few weeks have been slightly hectic with all the revision I’ve had to cram in for the annual exams, but now they’re over (and thank goodness for that).

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but a new craze has been brewing on social media and it’s actually a good one.

That craze is journaling. 20170629_111903

It isn’t journaling in general, though; it’s a new hobby known as ‘bullet’ journaling. This basically consisted of creating lists and infographics with your own hand lettering and doodles, and it’s becoming more and more popular. It’s even been shortened to ‘bujo’.

This craze got my attention because I’ve always had a little passion for writing, and that’s originally why I decided to start a blog. Well, that and the fact that I needed a break from my chemistry revision for the exam of the following day (over a year ago already!). Before I even started a blog, however, I got into the habit of filling a notebook with comical musings, quotes and sketches. My habit seemed to have stuck with me over the years to such an extent that if I possessed a collection of anything at all, it would be notebooks.

My type of journaling isn’t really of the bullet type; it isn’t at all, actually – I usually go on writing for pages on end without a single bullet-esque list.

So why am I writing all of this, you ask?

Good question, and I shall attempt to answer.

With journaling coming back into fashion, I thought a few tips for beginners might come in handy (by ‘tips’ I mean ‘ideas’, but you get the drift).

20170629_1124591 ) Find a decent-sized notebook

If its covers will allow for extra pages to be slipped in, all the better. Cinema tickets, leaflets, brochures – they will leave it full to the bursting.

2) What should you write?

  • Humorous accounts of a memory or episode
  • Descriptions of a special event
  • Lists of books you would like to read (make a summer holiday reading list), films you’d like to watch, things you’d like to do, et cetera.
  • Sketches of a scene you’d like to remember (or of your garden or the items on your desk, if you’re lacking inspiration)
  • Quotations – One of my all-time favourites. Whether it’s Chanel on fashion or Einstein on imagination, fill a page with them and look back on it from time to time. It’s a fabulous excuse to work on your calligraphy, so make them artistic.
  • Notes of things you’re learning (such as the chords to a new song or words from a new language). It’s really encouraging to look back and see how you’ve progressed, and it can be a laugh too.

3) Alternatively, if the ‘everything in one’ journal doesn’t work for you, try the ‘travel’ journal.

Personally, I’ve been recording all of my travels between the same two covers of my 20170629_112928regular journal, but others prefer to save an entire notebook for their adventures abroad. Some of my friends from Finland were keeping one during their stay in Malta. They filled them with colourful watercolour and ink sketches of our traditional Maltese balconies amongst other things and wrote notes near each one. It looked like a lovely way to keep track of what they did and saw, and is by far a better souvenir than a run-of-the-mill shop-bought keychain or fridge magnet.

4) Only write when you feel like it.

The whole point of keeping a journal is to enjoy writing, not feel inclined to do it. Besides, writing rarely looks good if you don’t put your heart into it. Don’t force it, and the words will flow from your mind down through your pen naturally.

Oh, and whilst I’m here, I just want to wish everyone a happy summer after the exams 😉

Will write again soon,







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