For Daphne

You spoke out and wrote What nobody else could quote, For all others were ruled by fear. Fear was the culprit, the horrible brute, For those who took you couldn't face the truth. Your pen spilled that truth With power and bravery, And yet so many questioned its credibility. But there among the candles flicker … Continue reading For Daphne


Fabulous Phrases and Wondrous Words

Here's to the language lovers and the bibliophiles (find out what that means¬†below ūüėČ ). Phrases and their origins "Mind your own beeswax" In the 18th /¬†19th century, women used beeswax-based make-up on their faces due to its skin smoothening properties. If they got too close to the fire (think grand fireplaces inside sparkling¬†drawing rooms), … Continue reading Fabulous Phrases and Wondrous Words

Oh. My. Uke – It’s a ‘Friends’ Theme Song Tutorial!

Central Perk, New York, 1995 Rachel: *rushes with two large¬†cups of coffee in hand to the microphone in the corner of the caf√©* "Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, please welcome Ms. Phoebe Buffay!" *Claps from everyone* Phoebe: "Okay - hello -¬†for my first song - oh! *knocks a coffee cup out of the … Continue reading Oh. My. Uke – It’s a ‘Friends’ Theme Song Tutorial!

5 Ideas To Break Through Writer’s Block

Me: *sighs heavily*¬† "I have nothing to write!"¬† *Tosses the hundredth paper squashed into a ball into the recycling bin* Reality: "Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look for it and be ready for it, because it will hit you¬†in the face at a completely unexpected moment" Can't argue with reality there, so here … Continue reading 5 Ideas To Break Through Writer’s Block

* Peachy Keen & Ginger Spiced Iced Tea *

Here's a delightful drink to help you get through the last of the summer heat. Sweet and ever so slightly spiced, it's heaven in a mason jar. I got the idea from Emma's Kitchen¬†( who makes a truly delicious one. What you'll need (makes one big teapot): 1 peach 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger 1-2 … Continue reading * Peachy Keen & Ginger Spiced Iced Tea *

.:. Dress to Express (Not Impress) .:.

It's 1957, New York, and Quality magazine¬†publisher and editor¬†Maggie Prescott¬†is in a state of agitation about what the next issue of the fashion publication should look like.¬†"Green's obscene" and "blue is through",¬†but then the sight of a scrap of pink fabric gives her an idea of what to do. But as good as thinking pink … Continue reading .:. Dress to Express (Not Impress) .:.