* Peachy Keen & Ginger Spiced Iced Tea *

Here's a delightful drink to help you get through the last of the summer heat. Sweet and ever so slightly spiced, it's heaven in a mason jar. I got the idea from Emma's Kitchen (https://www.facebook.com/emmaskitchenmalta/) who makes a truly delicious one. What you'll need (makes one big teapot): 1 peach 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger 1-2 … Continue reading * Peachy Keen & Ginger Spiced Iced Tea *


Play around with Photography

Whether you use a mobile phone, DSLR or a digital camera; fun, creative photographs are not difficult to snap at all. I've gathered a few ideas and tricks I discovered from around the web and other fellow photography lovers. Experiment with effects An obvious one, but all the same a great one. My favorite effect has … Continue reading Play around with Photography