Oh. My. Uke – It’s a ‘Friends’ Theme Song Tutorial!

Central Perk, New York, 1995 Rachel: *rushes with two large cups of coffee in hand to the microphone in the corner of the café* "Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, please welcome Ms. Phoebe Buffay!" *Claps from everyone* Phoebe: "Okay - hello - for my first song - oh! *knocks a coffee cup out of the … Continue reading Oh. My. Uke – It’s a ‘Friends’ Theme Song Tutorial!


Why I love the ukulele

Hello readers! My first ever post on this blog was a basic guide to playing the ukulele, and it has just occurred to me that I haven't written anything related to it since then. If you'd missed that post, you can find it here. Back to today's topic, then. The ukulele is not commonly found today, … Continue reading Why I love the ukulele